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Welcome To Companionship Over 50

At Companionship Over 50, we realize that meeting people isn’t difficult; meeting the love of your life can be, however. Our members aren’t desperate. In fact, they typically meet singles quite easily. Unfortunately, they were previously not meeting the types of singles that they were interested in. With our large database of professional, quality singles, we will be sure to set you up with the mate that you’ve always dreamed of! Your perfect partner is out there! Let us introduce you!

Safety Comes First

We place utmost priority with our members’ safety. Therefore, when we feel we are able to match singles, we invite them into the office, where everyone is screened and I.D.ed. This way, not only are we able to find out what each individual is looking for in someone special, but we also have the opportunity to ensure that everyone is who he says he is.

Our Proven Method

Our matching process is a thorough combination of compatibility as well as chemistry. We recognize that it takes more than just attraction to build a long-lasting relationship– It takes similar goals, desires, and views. This way, when you hit it off with your match, you can be sure there is potential for a life-long partnership, not just a date.

It’s Easy and Enjoyable

By having a professional matchmaker do the search for you, your role in the process is fun and easy. Based on your personality and wish list, we find matches who are exactly what you’re looking for! No more wondering if you will have anything in common, if it’s an online scam, or if you’re just wasting your time. Relax and let us bring your soulmate to you!

Our Experience is the Key

Companionship Over 50 has been in business for 13 years, first opening in the year 2000. However, our expert matchmakers have over 20 years of experience with coupling quality singles like yourself! By working one-on-one with a knowledgeable Relationship Counselor, you will determine precisely what you’re looking for in a companion, to take the stress and the guesswork out of dating.

Serious and Mature Dating

Unlike the majority of online dating sites, Companionship Over 50 has mature members who aren’t interested in dating around or flings. They are looking for stable, committed, long-term relationships. Our members have previously grown tired of wasting their time by dating the wrong people, and have come to us to meet quality singles like themselves.

Our Process

Simply fill out our brief profile to request more information. From there, one of our Relationship Specialists will give you a call to find out more about you, your goals, and your desires. If we believe we are able to match you, we will invite you into our office to meet with a Relationship Counselor, to ensure that it’s a good fit and that we have the matches that are right for you. By learning about your hobbies, your lifestyle, and your values, we are able to match you with like-minded individuals who are looking for their soulmates, as well!

Our Success Rate

With Companionship Over 50, our members’ feedback is key to introducing well-suited singles. We are the leaders in the matchmaking industry, with our high success rate of long-term relationships and marriages. Once you become a member, the work is up to us. We hand-select quality matches for each of our clients. Before ever meeting a match in person, you will find out about his/her lifestyle, so you are able to decide if it is someone you would like to pursue. After you go on your date, you give us extensive feedback on whether or not it was a good fit. That way, we are able to narrow down your matches even further, to find you the love of your life!